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The Rise of the West Bank and the Legacy of Ibrahim al Nabulsi

The West Bank has risen. 

The Palestinian resistance on the West Bank continuously confronts the Zionists with calculation, precision and a clear upper hand. In the midst of the Israeli Zionist Entity’s raids and the failing schemes of the treacherous Palestinian Authority, resistance has spread like wildfire across the West Bank, specifically in areas such as Jenin and Nablus. 

The most crucial aspect for the resistance on the West Bank has been the high morale of the youth through increased faith and reverence to martyrs such as Ibrahim al Nabulsi and Nizar al Banat. The Jenin resistance’s confrontation with the largest Israeli siege in 21 years earlier this month is a mere testament to not only the fearful stance of the Israeli Zionist Entity, but the achievements of the resistance. 

Earlier this month, the Jenin resistance confronted the largest Israeli siege in 21 years. The Jenin refugee camp was sealed off as part of an operation that lasted 48 hours. The Jenin Brigade named the retaliation efforts against the occupation’s raid the “fury of Jenin.” The Jenin Brigade put up a massive joint resistance effort utilizing new explosives on the battlefield. 

The Jenin Brigade, along with other resistance factions, eventually forced the occupation forces to withdraw after the resistance damaged several military vehicles and injured multiple Zionist soldiers. This latest raid was telling of the fearful approach of the Zionist entity. They came into the Jenin refugee camp with excessive force and violence, attacked from the skies in a cowardly fashion and continuously lied about their casualties. This is also a marker of the military strength of the resistance.

Moreover, the reaction of the West Bank to the Paletinian Authority’s (PA) president’s first visit to Jenin in over a decade demonstrated the disdain for the organization, which many consider to be a puppet branch of the Zionist entity. As the massive funeral took place for the martyrs of the raid, PA officials were reportedly expelled by crowds, mourners chanted anti-PA slogans and PA security vehicles were even pelted with stones. 

The PA has been widely unfavorable among Palestinians, particularly in the West Bank, where the PA imprisons resistance fighters and works on behalf of the occupation. As the Zionist entity continues to fail in handling the growing resistance on the West Bank, the Zionist Entity alongside the US has been adamant on trying to hold up the PA. The US warned last September that the “the situation in the West Bank is worse than it appears and the future of the entire PA is under threat.”

The history of the PA’s very creation is besmirched with US involvement in an attempt to subside the willpower and spirit of the Palestinian people. The PA is used as a tool to convince Palestinains that their only solution is to abide by so-called conditions outlined by the occupiers. 

The PA has killed multiple notable figures such as Nizar Banat who was known for his outspoken speeches against the PA and their schemes in upholding the occupation. However, this scheme has failed with the PA’s popularity at an all time low, and the popularity for armed resistance being at an all time high. This is particularly attributed to a new generation of youth in the West Bank who have taken after martyred resistance fighters like Ibrahim al Nabulsi. 

Such figures like Ibrahim offered youth a new spirit of willpower that entities such as the Palestinian Authority have not been able to suppress. 

Ibrahim al Nabulsi, known as the Lion of Nablus, was killed by an Israeli occupation in August 2022. His martyrdom marked a symbol of a new armed resistance led by the youth of the West Bank. At just 18 years old, he was one of the Zionist Entity’s most wanted people and even survived several assassination attempts. In fact, the Zionist forces once shot dead three Palestinians, thinking one of them was Ibrahim. The following day, he showed up to their funeral processions defiantly unmasked to the shock of the occupational forces. 

The occupational forces surrounded his house for hours, yet he refused to surrender, eventually resulting in the forces firing rockets at the house until he was killed.

Nablusi left a message saying “we are going to be martyred and I hope all the Palestinians will follow us in our way of resisting and I am urging all the Palestinians not to drop your weapons and continue the resistance.” 

This very message inspired many to follow his path and lifted the morale of the youth in the West Bank. His martyrdom led to the expansion of multiple resistance factions on the West Bank, including the Lion’s Den. Ibrahim once left a message on “keeping your arms” which eventually formed the founding charter of the Lions Den. Nabulsi left behind a generation, who with faith, see the only solution to occupation as armed resistance. The legacy he left behind continues in the West Bank till today. 

The West Bank is an important puzzle piece in the resistance against Israeli occupation. The Zionist entity has feared the resistance model of Gaza on the West Bank and it seems that their worst nightmare has taken form. The most significant bulk of this resistance comes from an increased collective willpower of the youth, and their reverence for the martyrs on the path of resistance.

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  • Sayyeda Fatima

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