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Protests Erupt in America Supporting the Palestinian Resistance in Lieu of Jenin Massacre

Demonstrations have erupted across the United States in response to the killing of ten Palestinians in Jenin last Thursday, January 26th. A total of 35 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli Occupation Forces and settlers in 2023 alone, marking January the deadliest month in the occupied West Bank since 2015.

In response, thousands have rallied in vigils and protests throughout the United State from Chicago, Toronto, New York and many more supporting the Palestinian mobilization against settler colonialism. A sign in a Toronto rally read, “Smash Israeli Apartheid.” Various “Students for Justice in Palestine” (SJP) chapters based in universities throughout the country also hosted vigils honoring the martyrs and demonstrations against the genocidal Zionist entity.

This past Sunday, hundreds gathered in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, the heart of the Palestinian community in New York City. “Within our Lifetime,” a NYC based Palestinian- led community organization mobilized this protest. People of all backgrounds rallied to honor the martyrs of Jenin and to stand with the Palestinian resistance against the colonial Zionist entity. Palestinian flags flooded the streets as the images of the martyrs of Jenin were held and distributed. Banners reading “honor the martyrs of Palestine” “globalize the intifada,” “resistance until return,” and “Israel doesn’t represent Jews’ ‘ were displayed.

These massive demonstrations across the country display the unapologetic support that Palestinians have the right to resist colonial settlement by any means necessary. This is indicative of the continued failed attempts by the Zionists to paint Palestinian resistance as terrorism.
Demonstrators have expressed that the rallies are important in keeping the path of the martyrs of Palestine alive, rather than having their legacy reduced to statistics to collect pity. To add on, such demonstrations are significant in displaying the true essence of the Palestinian cause being of strength, resistance and steadfastness. This is a movement beyond the Zionist-liberal narrative that seeks to reduce the Palestinian cause to victimization.

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  • Sayyeda Fatima

    Sayyeda Fatima is an American current affairs writer who focuses on analyzing domestic and broader global politics from lenses not projected by Western media.

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