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President Joe Biden Holds Largest Political Fundraiser Raising $25 Million, Features Obama and Clinton

On Thursday, March 28, President Joe Biden held the largest political fundraiser in U.S. history, alongside former presidents Obama and Clinton and the support of celebrities such as Mindy Kaling and Stephen Colbert. He raises $25 million with the support for Israel’s War being a major agenda of the fundraiser. Each ticket cost $500k for the lavish fundraiser event.

One demonstrator, a woman blowing a whistle, holding a “War pig” sign and warning of “nuclear war with Russia,” was removed quickly. The first interruption was followed by boos and whistles, multiple people yelling “shame on you, Joe Biden,” and “blood on your hands.”

Former President Obama had to step in and support the 81-year-old, saying, “No, listen. You can’t talk all the time. Sometimes you have to listen,” Obama said among the interruptions.

Experts point out how the three latest Democrat presidents have supported Israel’s War on the Gaza Strip:

2000: Repression of the Second Intifada (Clinton)

2012: Israeli War on Gaza (Obama)

2013-Present: Israeli bombing campaign against Syria (Obama & Biden)

2014: Israeli War on Gaza (Obama)

2021: Israeli Attacks Across Occupied Palestine (Biden)

2023-present: Gaza Genocide (Biden)

By mid-March, the Biden campaign and the Democratic National Committee has amassed a combined $155 million cash on hand, commanding a lead over Trump in funding.

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