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Police Release Names of Victims in Saskatchewan Mass Stabbing

Saskatchewan, Canada — A manhunt is underway after Canada witnessed its worst stabbing spree that took place in 13 different crime scenes at James Smith Cree Nation and nearby Weldon, leaving ten people dead and 18 injured. As of Tuesday, 10 remained in hospitals including three in critical condition.

The suspects, Damien Sanderson, age 31, and his brother Myles Sanderson, were identified by the police for carrying out the mass stabbings in the indigenous community. Damien Sanderson was found dead on Monday, while his brother still remains at large.

In Canada, murders make up only a fraction of the total number of police reported violent criminal offenses each year. In 2020, only 0.2% of violent crimes were considered a homicide. Murders involving multiple victims are even rarer.

The police have named the victims who were killed, their ages ranging from 23 to 78 as:

Thomas Burns, 23

Carol Burns, 46

Gregory Burns, 28

Lydia Gloria Burns, 61

Bonnie Burns, 48

Earl Burns, 66 (no photo)

Lana Head, 49

Christian Head, 54

Robert Sanderson, 49

Wesley Petterson, 78

The attack has left thousands grieving for family, friends, neighbors and community members.

One of the victims was identified as Gloria Burns who was a first responder who was called on scene and killed during the rampage, according to Reuters. The victims are being hailed as heroes in their community as some died while trying to protect the lives of others.



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