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People Of Somaliland Recover After Fire Turns Market To Ashes

This Ramadan has been difficult for the people of Somalia after a huge fire turned what was once a thriving two billion dollar market to ashes.

The people of Hargeisa are left picking up the remains of the market, which was the source of their income and livelihood. Somaliland resident, Khalid Abdi says the people of Somalia are resilient. They’re now “selling fruits and plastic toys” in a burned market where they used to gather every year as a community for Iftars in Ramadan.

In this podcast, TMJ News Network Journalist, Fatima, interviews Abdi on what happened during the fires and how people are now recovering.

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  • Fatima El-Zein

    Fatima El-Zein is Lead Producer at TMJ News where she aims to bring more awareness about her community through storytelling. El-Zein grew up in Toronto, where she completed her undergraduate degree in Journalism at the University of Toronto and also received a diploma in Journalism from Centennial College. She has worked extensively for CBC News before moving to the United States.

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