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Palestinian Resistance Says there is “No Agreement…Yet” on Ceasefire Talks

Talks of the Israeli Regime agreeing to a ceasefire brokered by Qatar is currently circulating. However, leading sources in Palestine have stated “that there is no agreement on the framework yet, and H@mas has important remarks, and the Qatari statement is rushed and not true.”

Shortly after the news of a potential ceasefire broke out, the senior Palestinian Resistance leader Osama Hamdan released a statement saying, “Until this moment, it is not possible to talk about reaching an agreement. We are still at the beginning, and there have been many attempts to reach an agreement, but the occupation has always obstructed them.”

The resistance has also allegedly refused to go down any path that will not initiate a ceasefire in Gaza, with clear demands of the immediate cessation of aggression, the withdrawal of the Israeli forces from the Palestinian territory and the release of prisoners.

“Our position is clear that any proposal must ensure the cessation of aggression, the withdrawal of the occupation, and the release of prisoners,” Hamdan added, expressing that the Israeli position so far is unclear with regards to the new truce proposal.

The senior resistance leader then stated that the movement will “study the new truce proposal, determine its position, and provide a response to it.”

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