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Palestinian Resistance Condemns Israel for Violating the Truce

Palestinian Resistance spokesman Abu U.baida, released a statement on Tuesday November 28, 2023 condemning the Israeli Regime for violating the truce during the now extended humanitarian pause. 

“As a result of a clear violation by the enemy of the truce agreement in the northern Gaza Strip today, field friction occurred and our mujahideen dealt with this violation. We are committed to the truce as long as the enemy has committed to it and we call on the mediators to pressure the occupation to adhere to all the terms of the truce on the ground and in the atmosphere,” Abu Uba.ida said. 

The Israeli occupation then claimed that its soldiers were reportedly injured by three explosive devices, and were victims of gunfire in the Northern Gaza Strip earlier today. 

The Israeli Regime also fired live bullets at one of the nearby houses attached to the separation wall, adjacent to the eastern cemetery in the town of Faqoua.

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