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Palestinian-American Shot in Vermont is Now Paralyzed From Chest Down

One of the three Palestinian students shot last month in Vermont, USA for donning a Keffiyeh, is now paralyzed from his chest down and may never walk again.

The three students were wearing the Palestinian symbolic Keffiyeh during the attack which distinguished them as pro-Palestinians.

In a GoFundMe page that seeks to raise funds for Hisham Awartani’s medical expenses, the page stated “one of the bullets that struck him is lodged in his spine and has left him paralyzed from the chest down.”

“The family is committed to his recovery and remain hopeful, in spite of the grave prognosis,” Awartani’s family said that in a span of two days, they managed to raise nearly $1 million. 

Elizabeth Price, Awartani’s mother, said the injury was an “incomplete spinal injury, which means that he can feel, but he can’t move the areas that are currently paralyzed.”

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