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Outraged Israeli Mother Accuses Israeli Forces for Gassing her Son to Death, Like “Auschwitz”

An enraged Israeli mum has accused the Israeli army of deliberately gassing her son to death while he was reportedly being held in a tunnel in Gaza.

She even stated that the Israeli military removed her son’s gravestone after her message went viral.

His murder comes in the wake of a number of Israeli military attacks on Israeli hostages held in Gaza, further sparking outrage amongst Israeli citizens. 

The mother of the deceased Israeli occupation soldier who was reportedly captured by the Palestinian Resistance on Oct. 7, says it was the Israeli military and not the Palestinian resistance soldiers who killed her son. 

The mother took to facebook to state that her son Ron was “indeed murdered – not by,” but in circumstances more akin to “Auschwitz and the showers.”

The killing of her son, she wrote, was caused “not from accidental gunfire, nor from crossfire, but from premeditated murder – with poison gas.”

“Ron was kidnapped because of the criminal negligence of all the senior officials of the army and this damned government, who gave an order to eliminate him in order to settle a score with some terrorist from Jabalya,” she added.

The Israeli regime has denied more information stating “it cannot be denied nor confirmed that they were killed due to strangulation, suffocation, poisoning, or as the result of an IDF [Israeli Defense Forces] attack or Ha.mas operation.” Sherman’s mother however, claims that all the evidence further proves that the Israeli Regime deliberately killed her son. 

“Oh yes, they also found that he had several crushed fingers, apparently due to his desperate attempts to escape the poison grave that the IDF dug for him when he tried to breathe fresh air, but only breathed IDF poison,” the mother said. 

Sherman further probed the question, referring to The Israeli Regime’s Prime Minister Benjamin Nethanyahu, “if Bibi’s son was there in the tunnel… or the grandson of [Israeli Defense Minister Yoav] Gallant, would they also be “poisoned with gas bombs?” she said.

The Sherman family’s accusation on the Israeli military indicates that the Israeli Regime is deliberately killing or silencing the Israeli hostages held in Gaza. Another hostage, Noa Argamani, claimed that she narrowly survived multiple Israeli airstrikes.

“I was located in a building,” she stated. “It was bombed by an IDF airstrike. F-16 missiles hit all three of us. Two missiles exploded and one did not. In the building we were with Al-Qassam soldiers and three hostages. Myself, Itai Svirsky, and Yossi Sharabi. After the building we were in was hit, we were all buried under the rubble. Al-Qassam soldiers rescued me and Itai, but we were not able to save Yossi. After many days, Itai and I were located to another place. While being transported, Itai was hit by an IDF airstrike and did not survive,” she added.

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