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NYC Council Member Inna Vernikov Arrested for Displaying Gun at Pro-Palestine School Rally

NYC Council Member Inna Vernikov, an open Zionist, showed up with a gun to a Pro-Palestine rally organized by the CUNY Brooklyn College SJP as a way to threaten students on campus. She was seen in multiple photos standing at the student led protest with a gun clearly sicking out of her waistband. 

Vernikov has a history of inciting violence against students protesting for Palestinian liberation. She had even encouraged individuals to carry guns as a means to scare Pro-Palestinian students, and tweeted on October 9th, “This is a great time for Jewish communities to apply for a concealed carry license.” 

Under New York law, licensed gun owners may not bring weapons to locations such as protests and campus grounds. The state requires licensed gun owners to keep their handguns hidden from public view.

She was arrested earlier this morning, October 13th, when she turned herself in at the 70th Precinct. Police noted that both her licensed firearm and her permit license were surrendered. 

Brooklyn College students as well as Pro-Palestinians and social justice seekers around New York City have been demanding her immediate resignation following her inciteful actions.


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  • Sayyeda Fatima

    Sayyeda Fatima is an American current affairs writer who focuses on analyzing domestic and broader global politics from lenses not projected by Western media.

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