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New Orleans Bus Driver Rescues All Children from School Bus Before it Explodes into Flames

A bus driver in New Orleans is being hailed a hero for saving nine students just before the bus suddenly exploded into flames. 

“I’m just happy and glad that God was with me and I got the kids off the bus and got myself off the bus,” the 28 year old bus driver Kia Rousseve said in an interview.

Rousseve had around six more stops left on her route to New Orleans’ Lafayette Academy when she noticed that her school bus was losing momentum and began protruding smoke. She then pulled over, not wanting to take a risk when a girl outside told Kia that a fire was starting from underneath the bus. 

The bus driver then quickly removed all of her students from the bus through the front door, and hurriedly turned the bus off while ensuring all the kids were safe. Just moments after she left the bus, the vehicle exploded into flames.

“The bus blew up in a split second,” said Rousseve. “If I would have still been on that bus, I would have blown up with that bus.”

However, Rousseve explained that her acts of heroism weren’t enough to spare her from “corporate absurdity.” Despite suspecting a faulty alternator in the new bus, Rousseve was required to take a drug test after the blaze.

The result came back negative, but she took offense for having to follow protocol had she crashed the bus despite clear evidence that the fire was not a result of a traffic accident.  

“I mean, I’m traumatized,” Rousseve said. “I’m really afraid to even drive a school bus now.”

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