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Netanyahu Rejects Prisoner Exchange Deal, Approves to Launch a Ground Offensive in Rafah Instead

The Israeli regime’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected the ceasefire proposal by the Palestinian Resistance which included the prisoner-exchange offer as well. 

Instead, the occupation entity’s Prime Minister chose to approve an “Israeli” plan to launch a deadly operation in Gaza’s southernmost city, Rafah.

According to western media sources, the Palestinian Resistance brought forward the release of Israeli women, including female soldiers, children, the elderly and ailing hostages in exchange for the Israeli regime freeing between 700 to 1000 Palestinian prisoners. 

However, “Tel Aviv” accused the Palestinian Resistance for making “unrealistic demands.”

The occupation entity’s decision to commence with a devastating ground incursion into Rafah seems to be ignoring warnings from the US and Egypt on not entering the city which currently holds 1.5 million displaced Palestinians. 

The Israeli regime army has now ki.lled more than 30,000 and wounded 73,439 since Oct. 7, 2024. Over 7,000 are still missing and now presumed dead after being trapped for hours under the rubble.

Due to the crippling blockade by the occupation entity, most of Gaza’s 2.2 million people displaced are facing rising levels of hunger and malnutrition as well as an acute shortage of medical supplies and humanitarian aid.

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