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Negotiations for a Ceasefire in Gaza Begin in Doha

Negotiations for a ceasefire in Gaza have reportedly resumed in Doha, which is taking place between “experts from Egypt, Qatar, the US, and “Israel, with representatives from the Palestinian resistance,” according to Egyptian media sources. 

The Israeli regime’s war cabinet also agreed to send a delegation to Qatar in order to continue the talks, according to Israeli media.

The talks are reportedly a “continuation of what was discussed in Paris” and “will be followed by meetings in Cairo,” reported Al-Qahera News, which works in tandem with Egyptian state intelligence services.

The international pressure for a ceasefire has escalated in the last few weeks in the wake of the murder toll in Gaza now dangerously close to 30,000, mostly women and children. 

The Palestinian resistance movement has called for a permanent ceasefire and demands the Israeli regime to withdraw from Gaza, which the Israeli regime dismissed as “delusional.”

The US and Arab nations have “voiced hope” that a deal can be reached before the beginning of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which will commence March 10.

At least 86 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli army since Saturday Feb. 24, 2024.

White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has stated that negotiators for the United States, Egypt, Qatar and Israel “came to an understanding on the basic contours of a hostage deal during talks in Paris.”

The deal, however, is still under negotiation according to Sullivan, who cited that there will have to be indirect discussions between Qatar and Egypt, and the Palestinian Resistance.

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