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Nasrallah Slams Netanyahu for Creating an Image of Victory Against Lebanese Resistance

The head of the Lebanese Resistance Saye.d Ha.ssan Nas.rallah has responded to the Israeli Regime’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claim that the regime has won against the Lebanese Resistance.

Netanyahu responded to a journalist’s question who asked “is the Lebanese Resistance deterred or not” to which Netanyahu responds by saying “have you heard of the tent?’ The one in the Shebaa Farms, where is this tent now?” he said.

Say.ed Nas.rallah then responded, “this is proof of stupidity, ignorance and foolishness. He is talking about the tent; Tell me about, how many? 48 bordering outposts destroyed. Tell me about 11 interior outposts destroyed.” he said. 

“Tell me about the 17 settlements attacked. Tell me about 50 bordering and enemy deployment points. Tell me about your army, officers and soldiers that are hiding like mice in the border area. You are talking about a tent?” he probed.

“Is the resistance that carries out such major operations everyday and fires missiles with such capability a deterred Resistance? The tent is a thing of the past, today there is a battle, there is a real war, even within certain limitations, at the border with occupied Palestine” he said.

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