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Minneapolis Woman Makes False Bomb Claim Against Palestinian-American Men on Delta Flight

In a series of rising discriminatory acts and hate crimes against the Muslims, a group of four Palestinian-American men were removed from a Delta flight in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after a white woman and her daughter called  security and falsely made claims that the men made a bomb threat.

The men were reportedly speaking Arabic and English on the flight and the woman states that she felt “unsafe,” around them. She even said that the way they took turns using the bathroom was “suspicious.”

After questioning the men, the police concluded that the woman’s claims had no basis and told everyone to go home. 

The police then refused to allow the Palestinian American men to file a false report claim against the woman and her daughter who falsely accused them, according to Mnar Adley, sister of one of the four men profiled. 

“My brother and our cousins, who are Palestinian-American, were pulled off the airplane and held by airport security & police at the Minneapolis, MN (MSP) airport last night on their way home from a wedding and were not allowed to leave after questioning because a White woman on board “felt scared” and told the airline my brother and his friends were suspicious for taking turns using the bathroom and claimed they made a bomb threat directly to her,” she wrote on X. 

Adley also later identified on X that one of the two women that made the false claim was a police officer. “The daughter, who initially made the false bomb threat, is a local police officer in the city of Blaine, MN named Hailey Larson. The mother is named Jenny Luft Larson,” she wrote on X. “Haley Larson is a public servant, her job is funded by our taxpayer money and she engaged in racism, racial profiling and treated my family as suspect because they are Muslim and Palestinian- American. This is classic post 911 islamophobia all over again.”

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