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Mexico to Witness First Female Jewish President Claudia Sheinbaum

Mexico is set to welcoming the country’s first female leader, following her landslide victory against the outgoing president. 

Claudia Sheinbaum, a Jewish climate scientist, garnered the highest vote percentage in the history of Mexico’s democracy, securing 58.8% of the votes. 

Once Sheinbaum is sworn into office, one of her challenges is the long standing battle of negotiations with the US over the huge flow of migrants seeking for a life in the US, and even security cooperation over drug trafficking in the wake of the US struggling with fentanyl epidemics. 

The negotiations are going to be more cumbersome if former President Donald Trump wins the 2024 US elections, as he has vowed to impose 100% tariffs on Chinese cars made in Mexico while stating that he would mobilize “special forces to fight the drug cartels.”

Sheinbaum will also face challenges with electricity and water shortages, rising criminal drug cases, and the decline in oil production with the country drowning in debt.

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