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Lebanese Resistance Takes Down Israeli Spy Balloon and Israeli Site

An Israeli balloon was taken down on Tuesday, May 14 over the village of Rmeish in Southern Lebanon, according to the Lebanese Resistance and Israeli sources. 

The Lebanese Resistance revealed that after persistent tracking of the movement of the ‘spy’ balloon, finding its location, the group targeted the balloon and destroyed it. 

A rope tied the balloon to the Israeli site, where the crew was reportedly positioned. The Lebanese Resistance further wounded and killed its management crew. 

A Lebanese military source mentioned that the balloon was seen floating in the airspace of the northern Israeli region, but due to the winds, the balloon moved into the Lebanese airspace, landing in the proximity of the border village of Rmeish in southern Lebanon.

The source then added that members of the Lebanese army also dismantled the balloon and moved it to one of its military sites. 

The expensive nature of the Israeli regime’s spy balloon was seemingly cheap for the Lebanese Resistance to take down, and with only a couple of such balloons available to Israel, it is unlikely they will send another anytime soon. 

In response to the Rafah operation as well as harm to civilians on Lebanese territory, the Lebanese Resistance has ramped up its effort in attrition against the Israeli regime.

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