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Israel’s So-Called “Retaliation” on Iran Sensationalized by Mainstream Media, Quadcopters Downed

Early April 19, 2024, reports flooded through mainstream US media and X claiming that the Israeli regime has carried out a retaliatory strike to Iran’s historical blows against the occupation entity on April 13, which in and of itself was a response to Israel’s strike on the Iranian consulate in Syria. 

The scope of the supposed Israeli attack was extremely limited and did not include any missiles, according to verified Iranian reports and media, which have been supported by the lack of evidence of any explosions. 

Iranian Space Agency spokesman Hossein Daliryan said in a statement, “The downed quadcopters had a short range and were probably launched from Iranian territory.” The explosions heard in the targeted area of Isfahan (central Iran) were a result of Iran’s air defenses, not missiles reaching any target. 

The Israeli regime has yet to claim any ownership of the attack. However, the US was quick to deliver the news, despite claiming they were not involved. Ben Gvir, “Israel’s” minister, wrote on X one word that translates to “Scarecrow” or in other words, “weak.”

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