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Israeli Ministers Leave War Cabinet Over Netanyahu’s Failure to Handle War on Gaza

Israeli minister Benny Gantz has resigned from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s emergency cabinet, calling Netanyahu delusional, while saying that the Israeli regime “will not win the war as planned,” calling upon other members of the War Cabinet to ‘do what is right’ and leave the cabinet.

Gantz further revealed that Netanyahu is acting on his own interests, and not for the betterment of “Israel’s” interests, citing that Netanyahu is preventing a “real Israeli victory in the war.”

Gadi Eisenkot, former IDF Chief of Staff and a current minister without a portfolio, followed suit and resigned. 

Yechiel Tropper, another member of the War Cabinet, also resigned.

“That is why we are leaving the emergency government today, with a heavy heart but with full confidence,” Gantz claimed in a televised report.

There is growing rage across the occupation entity over Netanyahu’s failure to recover the Israeli hostages held by the Palestinian Resistance since Oct 7. 2023, dozens of whom have now been killed by the Israeli army’s relentless bombing in Gaza.

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