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Israeli Forces in Disbelief Over Hostages’ Happiness and Treatment, Claims they were Drugged

As testimonies continue to be seen of released Israeli hostages speaking positively of their experiences under detainment, the IDF has resorted to claiming that the hostages were drugged to make them “appear happy.”

The Israeli Regime’s Health Ministry claimed that the hostages were given tranquilizer pills by the Palestinian Resistance prior to their release. 

The Times of Israel then reported that “the drugging would have been aimed to make the hostages appear calm and happy after suffering physical abuse, deprivation, and psychological terror in Gaza for more than 50 days.”

However, the ministry representative failed to report whether the drugging had been confirmed by the blood drawn from released hostages. They have also failed to produce testimonies from the released hostages.

Meanwhile, a released Israeli hostage took to social media to declare that the P@lestinian Resistance even treated her pet dog well and took care of the animal’s basic needs, whereas P@lestinian captives were released with broken bones, burnt faces and clear signs of mistreatment by the Israeli Forces.

Released 84-year-old Israeli hostage Elma Avraham also refused to meet the regime’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba, according to Israeli media reports.

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