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Israeli Entity Angered at the Vatican’s Condemnation of Death Toll in Gaza

The Israeli occupation entity has released a statement allegedly attacking the Vatican, following Pope Francais’ deputy condemning the occupation entity for the killing of tens of thousands of Palestinians, a largely disproportionate Israeli military response to the Palestinian Resistance movement. 

Cardinal Parolin, the Vatican’s foreign minister and second only to Pope Francis in the city-state’s hierarchy, stated “I would like to reiterate, it is a clear and unreserved condemnation of any kind of anti-Semitism, however at the same time there is also a request that Israel’s right to self-defense invoked to justify this operation should be proportionate, but with 30,000 deaths it is certainly not,” he pointed out. 

“The voice of those asking Israel to stop is a general voice, [saying] that they can’t continue like this and we must find other paths to solve the Gaza problem.”

According to the Israeli Embassy, the occupation entity is accusing the Palestinian Resistance for the massive death toll and destruction in Gaza. The Israeli regime even claimed that the Resistance movement is hiding in hospitals and schools, but has failed to provide evidence.

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