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Israel Targets Civilians and Murders Paramedics in Lebanon, Resistance Responds

Lebanon has witnessed the deadliest 24 hours since Oct. 8th in its pro-Palestine war of attrition against the “Israeli” regime. In an effort to pressure “Israel” into halting their aggression against Gaza and protecting Lebanese borders, the Lebanese Resistance has been strategically engaging “Israel” in the face of their blatant attacks on civilians. 

On March 26th, “Israel” attacked a civilian medical center in the Lebanese village of Hebareyah, killing seven unarmed civilian volunteers in addition to injuring others. “Israel” labeled the known medical center as a “military compound”. The Lebanese Resistance responded not long after with at least 40 rockets targeting Qiryat Shmona resulting in extensive damage, injuries to settlers, and killing one. 

“Israel” has since sealed off Qiryat Shmona, with northern occupied Palestine becoming a ghost town.

On March 27th, less than 24 hours after “Israel” killed seven volunteer medics, “Israel” attacked a cafe in the Lebanese village of Al-Naqoura in addition to a separate attack on the village of Teir Harfa. Between both violent attacks by the “Israeli” regime, nine were killed including 3 civilian medics as well as non-combatant members of the Lebanese Resistance. 

On March 28th, in response to the “Israeli” regime’s aggression, the Lebanese Resistance used Burkan rockets against “Israeli” settlements for the first time as they were previously only used to inflict damage against “Israeli” bases.

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