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Israel Cripples Chances of a Ceasefire in Gaza

The Israeli regime has refused to send its delegates to Cairo for ceasefire talks after claiming that the Palestinian Resistance refused to provide a list of the living Israeli hostages held in Gaza, according to Israeli media sources. The “Israeli” regime’s ongoing onslaught in Gaza has even resulted in the deaths of some “Israeli”  hostages. 

However, the Palestinian Resistance revealed that they “are working very seriously to reach an agreement to stop the aggression and intensify the entry of aid and relief.”

The group also stated that they are working to return the displaced people back to where they belong and for a complete withdrawal of the Israeli soldiers, especially in northern Gaza.

 “Our delegation is in Cairo to meet with the Egyptian and Qatari brothers and to present the movement’s vision. Whether or not the occupation’s delegation arrives in Cairo is of no concern to us,” the statement added. 

The Palestinian Resistance is yet to announce any dates for reaching an agreement but has revealed that the Israeli regime operates with confusion and randomness in both the battlefield and in negotiations. 

The Israeli regime’s ongoing onslaught in Gaza has killed over 30,000 people since Oct. 7, 2023.

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