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Israel Attacks Eastern Lebanon After Lebanese Resistance Destroy a Powerful Israeli Drone Worth $6 Million

The Israeli regime confirms it has launched a barrage of air strikes on eastern Lebanon claiming to target the Lebanese Resistance infrastructure after downed an Israeli-made Hermes-900 drone. The Israeli army said that fighter jets struck a military complex and three other sites of the Lebanese Resistance Group in the eastern city of Baalbek. 

The Lebanese Resistance then fired back dozens of Katyusha rockets successfully targeting an air defense base in the occupied Golan heights, as a response to the relentless Israeli raids on eastern Lebanon. 

The Israeli Hermes 900 drone which was destroyed by the Lebanese Resistance was reportedly worth $6 million and was a multi-sized multi-mission combat drone, manufactured and designed by Elbit Systems. 

The drone was the second largest reconnaissance drone in the Israeli regime Air Force. Up until now, it was unknown to the Israeli regime and the general public that the Lebanese Resistance had the capacity to successfully bring down such drones which “Israel” famously uses for assassinations and data collection. 

In the video released by, the moment impact was made with the sophisticated drone was not shown, leaving many wondering what weaponry was used.

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