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Israel Admits to Killing its Own People on October 7th

In a series of confessions by the Israeli regime and mounting evidence exposing the Israeli Propaganda, the Israeli police investigations revealed that an Israeli helicopter attacked some of its own people during the Nova Music Festival adjacent to the Gaza border on October 7, 2023.

The Investigation showed that an Israeli combat helicopter arrived at the scene from the Ramat David base, which fired at Resistance fighters and other Palestinians who crossed the border fence from Gaza into Israel (Zionist Regime). 

But that is not all. They even fired at some Israeli settlers who were present at the music festival. According to the Regime’s police, 364 people were pronounced dead at the scene. 

Initially, the Israeli military and rescue services claimed that 260 Israelis were killed at the festival, shifting the blame to the Palestinian Resistance before admitting to killing their own people during the escalation. 

A few of the ones killed in Be’eri by an Israeli tank fire were a 12-year-old Liel Hezroni, her brother Yanai, and their aunt Ayla. An Israeli broadcaster even reported that Liel’s relatives could not retrieve the child’s body from the house that collapsed on her and other Resistance captives after an Israeli tank fired two shells and trapped their own people underneath. 

In Sderot, another similar ‘’misfiring attempt” by Israeli forces occurred where Resistance fighters had reportedly taken over the local police station and were holding Israeli police captive inside the facility. Both Resistance fighters and Israeli police were killed when the regime’s army fired tank shells at the police station. Israeli forces then rammed the station with bulldozers.

Additionally, the Israeli regime previously mentioned that the Resistance had killed 1400 Israelis on October 7, but later changed the count to 1200 after Israeli spokesperson Mark Regev confirmed that 200 of the alleged victims were in fact Resistance fighters or Palestinian civilians whose bodies were burnt to the point of unrecognition which is why they were assumed to be settlers.

The Israeli regime has now killed over 13,000 Palestinans, of which a staggering 75% are women and children. The Israeli regime continues to block fuel, humanitarian aid and life saving medicine into the Gaza strip.

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