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India, Jordan, Saudi and the UAE Help Deliver Goods to Israel, Bypass Yemen’s Maritime War

Goods bound for the Israeli entity will now be delivered to the UAE via Mundra Port in India following Yemen’s pro-Palestine war against the Israeli regime. 

The goods for the occupation entity will travel by sea to the UAE before being hauled by land through Saudi Arabia and Jordan to reach the Israeli entity. 

The new land route facilitated by India, Jordan, the UAE and Saudi Arabia is an alternative to the Red Sea Route which has been suspended in the wake of multiple attacks on Israeli and Israeli bound ships by Yemen’s Ansar Allah who have waged a pro-Palestine maritime war on the Israeli regime.

“We are now in the port of Mundra, the largest port in India in the far north, from which goods come out… all these shipments are exported to the UAE, and from the UAE by land to Israel,” Israeli Minister of Transportation, Miri Regev said in a video.

“War has imposed challenges on us. The biggest challenge is how to supply goods to the state of Israel. The state of Israel is like an island and all goods arrive by sea,” she claimed.

In an earlier post on X, Regev confirmed the land route will shorten the transport period by 12 days, and drastically reduce the current waiting time. The trucks that will come from Dubai and Abu Dhabi will contain all kinds of goods, including vegetables, fruits, electronics and other products.

Currently, Palestinians continue to face levels of hunger crises with the occupation entity severely limiting the flow of food, medicine and other humanitarian aid  into the strip.

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