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ICC Issues Arrest Warrants Against Israeli and Hamas Leaders, Fails to Fully Acknowledge Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

The Chief Prosecutor of the ICC, Karim Khan, who was recently threatened by the US for considering charging the Israeli Prime Minister for war crimes, has confirmed that the International Criminal Court (ICC) is seeking to issue arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. 

Khan also announced arrest warrants against Palestinian Resistance leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, the movement’s military wing chief, Mohammad Deif, and Ismail Haniyeh, sparking outrage amongst Pro-Palestinians across the globe, for equating “Resistance leaders and genocide barbarians.”

Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan claimed that there were “reasonable grounds” to believe that both parties hold criminal responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity. 

Khan’s statements come shortly after US Republican Senators threatened the Prosecutor with “personally targeting him, his family and his court staff.” A letter was sent by 12 members of Congress where they warned Khan of imposing heavy sanctions if he “dared to issue arrest warrants” against the Israeli leader.The signatories ended the letter with the rather sinister phrase, “You have been warned.”

The ICC accused the Palestinian Resistance of killing hundreds of Israelis of committing various war crimes during its Al-Aqsa Flood Operation on Oct 7, despite the Israeli regime admitting that it killed most of its own civilians when the Israeli military tried to retaliate against the Palestinian Resistance at a concert. 

The ICC then accused the Palestinian Resistance for “extermination, murder, taking hostages, rape and other sexual crimes, and torture,” most of which have already been debunked by several news outlets accross the globe. 

The ICC statement failed to mention how the Israeli military killed their own civilians from helicopters, drones, and tanks, in a quest to combat the Palestinian Resistance and their Israeli captives in illegal settlements (kibbutzim), military bases, and the nova music festival site. 

The Israeli regime has also evidently failed at presenting proof that the Palestinian Resistance committed mass rapes on Oct. 7 to the UN.

The ICC simultaneously  accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant of war crimes, ”including extermination, murder, directing attacks at civilians, and using starvation as a weapon of war.”

Notably, the ICC did not mention the reason for the Palestinian Resistance attack, which was an attempt to break the 17-year-siege on Gaza, and to end decades of illegal occupation and settlement in the West Bank, and to release thousands of hostages kept in “Israeli” prisons, who suffer inhumane conditions and face severe torture from the Israeli military. 

The ICC statement also chose to ignore the Israeli regime’s relentless bombing on Gaza, which has now killed over 35,800 people, mostly women and children. The torture and sexual abuse of Palestinian detainees was also seemingly brushed under the carpet, alongside the Israeli efforts to ethnically cleanse Gaza.

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