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Germany to Officially Supply Israel with Tank Shells as Gaza Death Toll Nears 25,000

German officials have agreed to supply the Israeli regime with thousands of rounds of 120-millimeter precision ammunition in a quest to back the occupation entity’s onslaught on Gaza as the death toll in the Palestinian territory now nears 25,000.

Upon receiving a request from the Israeli regime for the tank shells in November 2023, Germany’s Chancellery, the Defense Department, the Foreign Office, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs are reportedly agreeing to adhere to the request.

“German defense companies were not in a position to deliver the requested ammunition in a short period of time, and the ministries have started on a plan to provide this ammunition from the German army’s own stocks,” the German Media said on Jan. 16.

“Both sides have agreed to keep quiet about the request to send lethal weapons because Israel does not want to allow any conclusions to be drawn about its military capabilities,” the report states.

The Palestinian Resistance condemned Berlin, stating that sending tank shells to the Israeli Regime would make Germany “direct partner in the war on our people in Gaza.”

“It seems Germany is reproducing its history full of sins against humanity. It is undeterred from the lessons of the recent past,” the statement added.

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