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Countries Circumvent US Sanctions to Help Syria after Earthquake

Lebanese Red Cross Team Dispatched to Help Syrians After Earthquake | Live Love Syria IG Page

In the aftermath of the earthquake that devastated southern Turkey and northern Syria, several countries have circumvented the blockade imposed by the United States and Western countries on Syrians in order to transport materials and machinery to evacuate the rubble as well as emergency humanitarian aid.

Despite the economic sanctions imposed on Syria by the United States and Western countries, several aid planes and trucks have been sent by Lebanon, Iran, Russia, North Korea, Algeria, India, Emirates, Egypt, Iraq, Tunisia, Libya, Pakistan, Oman, Bahrain, China, Mauritania, Jordan, Sudan and more.

Syrians have launched an online campaign called #StopSanctionsOnSyrians #SSOS in order to alert the international community to these inhumane sanctions.  Denizens say the sanctions primarily affect the people and prevent them from receiving aid without going through the “NGOs” pre-validated by Western countries which are for some, accused purveyors of terrorism in northern Syria.

This hashtag is being widely relayed by Syrians and Internet users alike on social networks in hopes that they can tell others about their situation that has been ongoing long before this grave disaster.

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  • Shahin Hazamy

    Shahin Hazamy is a Muslim French journalist based in Paris, France. He has nearly six years of experience in journalism, especially photojournalism, writing, and video editing. He also teaches journalism in various institutions to mentor the youth within Parisian suburbs.

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