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China to Sanction 5 US Arms Manufacturers in Response to Weapons Sales to Taiwan

China is gearing towards sanctioning 5 US arms manufacturers in reaction to weapons sales to Taiwan and US sanctions on Chinese companies and individuals.

In an online statement, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Sunday Jan. 7, that “the sanctions will freeze any property the companies have in China and prohibit organizations and individuals in China from doing business with them.”

“The Chinese government remains unwavering in our resolve to safeguard national sovereignty, security, and territorial integrity and protect the lawful rights and interests of Chinese companies and citizens,” the statement said.

The statement then cited America’s acts against Beijing which it says has harmed China’s sovereignty and security interests, sabotaged peace and stability through the Taiwan Strait and even violated “the rights and interests of Chinese companies and individuals.”

The companies sanctioned by China are known as BAE Systems Land and Armament, Alliant Techsystems Operation, AeroVironment, ViaSat, and Data Link Solutions.

China currently holds sovereignty over Taiwan, which means that states are not allowed to establish diplomatic contact with the secessionist government in Taipei.

Washington claims to recognize that sovereignty, but continues to strengthen ties with Taipei, a likely attempt to infuriate Beijing by selling weapons to the self-governed island. 

Beiging has also repeatedly warned against any official exchange between Washington and Chinese Taipei. This also includes the provision of military assistance. 

Last month, the US approved a staggering $330m arms package to strengthen Taipei’s joint battle command and control system. 

“We will, as always, take all necessary measures to resolutely defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Chinese Defense Ministry spokesperson Wu Qian said at a news conference in Beijing in December 2023.

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