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Canadians Dismayed at Trudeau Government Plans to Fund Medical Sex Change for Federal Employees

Many Canadians have expressed dismay at the government’s decision to fund up to $75,000 in medical sex alignments for federal employees, citing the move as unnecessary in the wake of other problems that require the government’s attention.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government is gearing towards assisting transgender employees within the federal public service with medical sex changes starting from July 1, 2023. 

The Canada Life Assurance Company will commence administering additions with the intent of covering “medically necessary” interventions not covered by provincial health plans for people on their “gender affirmation journeys.”

Gender-confirming surgery focuses on sex change surgeries and hormone therapy that suits the preference of a person willing to change their gender identity. 

However, the treasure board did not specify the exact cosmetic procedures that many transgender people seemingly require such as electrolysis, liposuction to facial masculinization and feminization surgery. 

Whereas Canada has fully embraced the transgender community and even consider the procedures as necessary for individuals who wish to change their original gender, many Canadians have expressed their concerns at the government’s decision mentioning other prevalent problems within the country.

The PSHCP announced modest increases to coverage for physiotherapy, massage therapy and vision care in comparison to the whopping amount for gender affirmation procedures which is intended to cover certain medically necessary interventions that are not covered by provincial health plans. 

Netizens took to social media to express their thoughts on this. One wrote, “this is where our tax money is going into, however, no money for seniors, veterans, healthcare or the homeless!” 

Another commented, ‘sir, we need affordable housing, we need affordable groceries, we need funding for programs, clubs and sports for schools across Ontario. A third questioned, “Can I get funding for being a hardworking man who wants a family and home but working 8-6 wont get me it?”   

One account on Twitter wrote that Canadians are starving in the meantime. 

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  • Zamena Manekia Manji

    Zamena Manekia Manji is a breaking news writer for TMJ News with experience of over 10 years in the field. Her areas of focus are important breaking stories in North America specifically untold stories from a minority lens.

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