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BP, MAERSK Among Giant Companies to Re-route from Red Sea Fearing Yemen’s Maritime War on Israel

Petroleum Giant BP has announced that it will halt all of its tanker traffic across the Red Sea following Yemen’s maritime war against the Israeli Regime that has capsized a number of ships on its way to the Zionist Entity in response to Israel’s relentless bombing on the Gaza Strip that has killed more than 18,800 people in 72 days. 

“In light of the deteriorating security situation for shipping in the Red Sea, BP has decided to temporarily pause all transits through the Red Sea,” the company stated.

A Tiwanese container shipping line, Evergreen, announced on Dec. 18 that it has temporarily stopped accepting Israeli cargo and further instructed its container ships to halt navigating through the Red Sea until further notice. 

Four other major firms additionally announced the suspension of crossing through the Red Sea last week. Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) and CMA CGM – Italian-Swiss and French companies all halted all operations in the Red Sea. 

Maersk, a well known Danish Shipping and Logistic company, has also suspended all operations in the Red Sea. 

Yemen’s Pro-Palestine Maritime War against the Israeli regime has gained momentum, compelling major companies to re-route ships around Somalia, further adding two weeks to the journey. 

12% of global trade relies on the Suez Canal and 5% on the Panama canal. Marco Forgione, director general at the Institute of Export & International Trade stated, 

“They are fundamental to the flow of international trade,” he said. “Without them operating smoothly, the domino effect of damage and disruption to supply chains caused by ships delayed and in the wrong places will be substantial.”

The US is reportedly gearing to form a maritime task force that seeks to protect ships navigating through the Red Sea from attacks by the Yemen Armed Forces. The White House and Pentagon officials have confirmed that the White House is working with Saudi Arabia and the UAE to ‘’form that group.’.

“As we’ve demonstrated in the past,” Pentagon spokesperson Gen. Patrick Ryder said last week, “our military will not hesitate to take action where we deem it necessary and appropriate, including to protect against actions in the maritime domain that could threaten our troops.”

In response to the threat by the US, Ansarallah politburo member Mohammed al-Bukhaiti said, “How will the countries that rushed to form an international coalition against Yemen to protect the perpetrators of Israeli genocide be perceived?” the top Yemeni official asked.

“How will Yemen, which took administrative and popular action to stop the Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people, be perceived?” he added.

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