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Biden to Issue a New Order that Will Reduce Migrant Arrivals in the US

US President Joe Biden will likely issue a new executive order, centralized at seeking to reduce migrant arrivals at the US-Mexico border as early as Tuesday June 4. 

This will allow US officials to promptly deport migrants who enter the US illegally without processing their asylum requests “once a daily threshold is met,” according to western media sources.

This will even give border officials the power to limit the amount of migrant arrivals. More than 6.4 million migrants have been stalled from crossing the US border illegally during Biden;s administration, the number being a record high that has further tainted his already arguably tarnished reputation. 

Migrant arrivals have reportedly reduced this year, but experts believe the “trend is not likely to be sustainable.”

According to a Gallup poll, 27% of Americans see the immigration issue as the most important problem the country is facing, over the economy and inflation. 

In a separate poll conducted in March 2024, two-thirds of Americans now do not approve of Biden’s mishandling of the border, including around 40% of Democrat voters.

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