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Biden Ends 2023 with 39% Job Approval Rating

President Joe Biden’s job approval currently stands at 39% , a slight rise from the 37% low points in November. However, this is the fifth time his rating has plummeted to below 40% in 2023.

In comparison to his seven predecessors, Biden’s 39% is still the lowest. Barack Obama (43%) and Donald Trump ( 45%) had relatively higher ratings, during the year they campaigned for re-election, white the rest were all above 50%, according to Western Media sources. 

While Biden gears towards 2024 with a constant low job approval rating, the worst of any modern-day president, he is likely to enter a tough re-election campaign. 

Biden has been greatly criticized for concerns over the American economy, in addition to the US still heavily funding the Israeli regime’s onslaught on Gaza which has now killed more than 20,000 people.

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