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Arizona State University Postdoctoral Research Teacher who Harassed Muslim Woman in Hijab Remains on Leave

Arizona State University officials have said that a postdoctoral research teacher remains on leave as the school is still investigating his violent act of confrontation with a woman in Hijab, despite video footage clearly exposing his act of harassment at an anti-Palestine rally last weekend.

“I’m literally in your face. That’s right,” Yudelman tells the woman, who is seen in the video backing away as he repeatedly cowered over her.

The woman then told Yedelman that he was disrespecting her religious boundaries to which he lashed back saying, “you disrespect my sense of humanity b****.”

The Arizona chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations has demanded that the university should fire Yedelman. 

Yudelman “is no longer permitted to be on campus and will never teach here again,” ASU President Michael Crow said in a statement Thursday.

“The current investigation is being conducted consistent with the university’s procedures for employee discipline,” the school’s statement added. “Arizona State University protects freedom of speech and expression but does not tolerate threatening or violent behavior. While peaceful protest is welcome, all incidents of violent or threatening behavior will be addressed.”

Yudelman was interviewed by Phoenix television station KPNX before the confrontation and he claimed that “Jewish students were being intimidated.”  

However, thousands of Jewish students have been protesting in solidarity with Palestine at massive encampment protests held across dozens of universities all over the US.

In the interview, Yudelman also described pro-Palestinian protests at universities as “campuses being taken over by supporters of terrorism.”

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