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American Man’s Video Earns Virality After He Highlights Rising Costs of Living in the US, Says “American Dream is Dead”

An American man who filmed himself highlighting the rising cost of living in the US has soared to fame overnight after his video garnered over 11 million views and over two million likes. 

In the clip, the man, Nicholas Sumners, asked his viewers to explain to him why rent and basic necessities were so expensive in the US. 

He said: “I do not want to hear the ‘pull yourself up from your bootstraps, work 90 hours a week [arguments], that’s not the goal guys. That should not be our standard.”

He blamed political parties and expressed that he was “tired” of people being “complacent.”  

The young man also mentioned that when his parents were his age, they both lived alone, despite earning ‘less than half’ of his current salary, while revealing that he cannot afford to live anywhere alone. “A one-bedroom apartment: $1,800. Two-bedroom apartment: $2,200. Who can afford that?”

He added: ‘It is embarrassing to come out and say that it is a struggle to survive right now, but I know so many people are struggling.”

Sumners also spoke of how the US is constantly failing at tackling the rising financial strains in the country as they continue to fund other countries. 

“I clock out of my shift, I am tired, I have to go home and I check the news and I see another 60 billion to a country nobody can point out on a map,” he stated. 

Sumners then concluded the video saying, “The American dream is dead. It is over. Gone and forgotten.”

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