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Almost Half of Weaponry Used in Gaza were Unguided “Dumb” Bombs, US Intelligence Says

Half of the munitions the Israeli regime has attacked Gaza with since the beginning of the regime’s onslaught have been unguided bombs, according to a US intelligence Assessment. 

Arms experts have further claimed that this has contributed to the massive civilian death toll which has risen to at least 18,000 people killed in Occupied Palestine. 

The IDF has reportedly shot over 29,000 air-to-ground munitions into the Palestinian territory since Oct 7 and allegedly 55% of them have been ‘’precision guided’’ as stated from a new assessment by the Director of National Intelligence. The other bombs were classified as “dumb bombs.” 

Over 18,800 people have now been killed with more than 51,000 wounded in Gaza, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health. The Israeli regime has also violated international law as weapons are considered indiscriminate if they are not directed at military targets. 

“It is challenging in the best of circumstances to differentiate between valid military targets and civilians there,” said Brian Castner, senior crisis adviser and weapons investigator at Amnesty International. “And so just under basic rules of discretion, the Israeli military should be using the most precise weapons that it can that it has available and be using the smallest weapon appropriate for the target.

Israel has been using “very, very large weapons,” Castner added.

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