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90% of Saudi Citizens Want Israel Normalization Talks Off the Table

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nethanyahu is reportedly holding “secret talks” with the White House in a quest to resume normalization talks with Saudi Arabia, according to Israeli media sources. 

“A message was conveyed that Israel will not take steps that conflict with the vision of the US and that it will be prepared to discuss what was requested by Saudi Arabia related to the Palestinian issue,” the Israeli media source stated.

“For the US, the agreement that was appropriate before Oct. 6 may be more appropriate now, in light of the war [in Gaza], as one of the goals Hamas had was to thwart the agreement,” the report highlights, before claiming US officials believe a Saudi-Israel normalization deal could prevent “additional escalation or a regional war” and would also secure Saudi funding to “rebuild Gaza.”

“Most important of all, [a normalization] agreement can provide President Biden with a real achievement before the elections,” the report adds.

This comes a day after the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said,“There’s a clear interest in the region in pursuing [normalization], but it will require that the conflict end in Gaza, and it will also clearly require that there be a practical pathway to a Palestinian state,”“Everywhere I went, I found leaders who are determined to prevent the conflict that we are facing now from spreading,” Blinken added after meeting with Saudi’s Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman in Saudi Arabia.

Relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Israeli Regime were strained after the occupation entity’s onslaught in the Gaza began on Oct.7

Back in November 2023, Saudi Investment Minister Khalid al-Falih said that normalization with Israel was “still on the table.” However, he claimed this is “contingent on a pathway to a peaceful resolution of the Palestinian question.”

However, polls show that over 90 percent of Saudi citizens believe all Arab states should sever ties with Israel.

The U.S backed Israeli war on Gaza has now kil.led more than 23,000 people, mostly women and children.

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