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2800 Israeli Soldiers Treated for Psychic Disorders Following their Participation in War on Gaza

More than 2800 Israeli soldiers are have been treated following reports of psychic disorders from their participation in the Israeli regime’s ongoing onslaught against the Gaza Strip that has now killed more than 20,000 people in a span of 80 days. 

The Israeli regime is reportedly going to run a program that will assist soldiers who are struggling from psychic disorders. Nurses and psychiatrists will be summoned to cope with suicide trends too.

This follows shortly after a video of an Israeli soldier went viral where he describes his ordeal, claiming that he urinated on himself and almost killed his wife as a result of the horror he is going through as a result of his acts from the war on Gaza. 

The Israeli source further stressed that the onslaught in Gaza has led to unbearable cost on lives, physical injuries and psychological disorders, particularly among disabled soldiers. 

18% of these soldiers are dealing with mental health challenges and post-traumatic disorders.

In a press conference, Israeli soldier Avihai Levi, spoke of how he is now addicted to alcohol and is currently drowning in debt, all while blaming the Israeli government for not taking responsibility for the ‘’garbage” they put him in.

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