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Razan Al Najjar: The Palestinian Paramedic

Razan al Najjar, a 20 year old Palestinian paramedic, was fatally shot in the chest on June 1st 2018 by the Israeli Occupational Forces in what was said to be a deliberate act by the Israeli regime.

The bullet exited through Najjar’s back while she was on ground, helping wounded demonstrators in Gaza, adjacent to the perimeter fence with ‘Israel’. 

An investigation found that Razan al Najjar was aimed and shot directly as she stood roughly 25 meters away from the fence, “despite the fact that she posed no danger to him or anyone else and was wearing a medical uniform.” 

“Contrary to the many versions offered by the [Israeli] military, the facts of the case lead to only one conclusion,” Amit Gilutz, spokesperson for B’Tselem said. 

Razan was known to be a vibrant young girl, radiating with hope and generosity who dreamed of returning to her home village, Salamh in Jaffa. She always dreamt of an independent and sovereign state of Palestine. 

Razan’s mother, who was interviewed by Middle Eastern Eye, spoke of how her daughter grew up in the suburbs of the Israeli-blockaded Gaza strip. She witnessed three military aggressions that wounded and killed thousands of innocent Palestinians. Razan’s determination only grew, cementing her commitment towards serving her people voluntarily.

She wanted to be a doctor. But Razan’s father’s unemployment and Palestine’s dire economy triggered by the Israeli blockade deprived her of that opportunity. Despite this, she chose to not give up. Razan pursued nursing and excelled in many intensive courses. She would provide the sick and injured everywhere with pro-bono healthcare service. 

On the day the Great March of Return commenced, Razan’s mum recalled how her daughter stood before her donned in her white uniform and said, “I will take part in the marches of return. We all have the duty to peacefully resist the occupation in order to regain our usurped rights. We have to remain strong and to have an ironclad will to save our people.” 

Razan even sold her ring and cellphone to purchase medical supplies for the patients, despite her own family urgently needing the money. Razan played the pivotal role of reducing and evacuating injured protestors. 

She was known to be a fearless and energetic young woman till her very last breath. Unnerved from the shower of bullets from the Israeli soldiers, she bravely went from place to place to rescue the injured. In doing so, Razan sustained a dozen injuries, was hit by shrapnel and even inhaled tear gas, but she soldiered on, in the name of humanity.  

Razan’s family was gripped with fear each time she went out to the marches. They were fully aware of Israeli Regime’s targets, the paramedics and journalists.

Razan died while doing what she loved most, protecting her country and its people. Her death showed the world how ‘Israel’ stops at nothing and everyone who stands against their regime is a direct threat. 

From little rock throwers to brave journalists and courageous paramedics like Razan-al-Najar, all pave the road towards a Free Palestine. 

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  • Zamena Manekia Manji

    Zamena Manekia Manji is a breaking news writer for TMJ News with experience of over 10 years in the field. Her areas of focus are important breaking stories in North America specifically untold stories from a minority lens.

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