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A Mother who Jumped In Front Of Train with her 3 Year Old Daughter Was Behind on Rent

An inquest at the Beaconsfield Coroners Court in the United Kingdom on Tuesday revealed that 27-year-old Leighane Melsadie Redmond was behind on rent, gas and electric bills before she jumped in front of a moving train with her 3-year-old daughter. Both were killed at Taplow Station in Buckinghamshire on February 2019.

The investigation by British Transport Police reported that Redmond had an outstanding bill from her electricity supplier of £334, a bill from her gas supplier of £638 and she was in rent debt of £1499.37. The day of the incident, Redmond had checked her bank balance at a garage while her daughter was with the father, Leroy Parris. After checking her bank balance, she had made a call to her prospective employer and a longer call to her landlord at Hightown Housing Association, the investigation revealed.

The CCTV footage showed erratic movements at the train station, from Redmond going from one side of the station to another with some resistance from the child who had become frustrated with her mom’s unusual behavior. Redmond then kicked against a gate of the platform that was cordoned off to the public and placed her daughter over it, and then climbed over to join her. Cradling her daughter, she waited six minutes before carefully placing herself and her daughter in front of a moving train, the CCTV footage revealed.

Comments from residents on social media question the privatization of England’s essential utilities, ignoring of the working class, withdrawing of public services and focusing instead on wars abroad such as in Ukraine. Others argue that England’s Parliament must prioritize the working class who are struggling with rent and utility bills despite working multiple jobs, as well as the strain on single parent households.

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