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Karbala And The Choice Of Human Morality | Tarek Bazzi

Karbala is often looked at as a historical tragedy in Islam's history, but the bigger picture is missed. With the first episode of TMJ's new show 'For God and Country' with journalist Zainabrights and guest Tarek Bazzi, the subject of Karbala is broached, the choice of human morality examined and connections made in the global landscape today.

Mandating Social Hijab in a Willed Islamic Country is Not the Same Thing as the Banning of Hijab in a Secular One

The death of Mahsa Amini and the ensuing media attention on Iran has brought to light the question of whether it is a double standard, on the one hand, to support the mandatory headcovering and modest clothing policy in the Islamic Republic, whilst on the other hand opposing headcovering bans in secular states such as France. The argument boils down to "individual autonomy" and the lack of state's ability to interfere with a woman's dress code.

The Suhoor Fest Journals

In 2018, the first pop-up Suhoor Festival was launched with around ten vendors in a parking lot that fit twelve cars. After a two year pandemic hiatus, the festival returned this year in an 85,000 sq ft parking lot with over 55,000 attendees on opening weekend. Among them was Zainab Rights, an author selling faith-based books. Her journals reveal an inside look at the festival and the personal journey of the man who founded it.
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