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Female Nurses in UK Fight Against Policies that Allow Transgender Biological Males to Use Female Dressing Rooms After Being Harassed

A team of nurses in the UK – who filed a lawsuit against a National Health Service (NHS) hospital trust due to its transgender employee policy – have now called on the NHS publicly to protect female staff.

The group of nurses are fighting against the harassment of their biological male colleague, who often prances around the female changing room undressed and initiates conversations with women while they are dressing.

The County Durham and Darlington Memorial Hospital Trust primarily allows employees to use changing rooms or restrooms that go with their gender identity only. 

One of the nurses in the suit who had been sexually assaulted as a child described how on one occasion, she was allegedly approached by the transgender colleague while alone in the dressing room and was repeatedly asked to undress while the colleague was only wearing boxer shorts with his genitalia visible.

A Muslim nurse, who was cornered by this transgender colleague, was repeatedly asked to undress by the biologically male individual.

The trans worker reportedly dresses up in men’s clothes, has visible facial hair and speaks of plans to get a female girl pregnant. 

Over two dozen female nurses at Darlington Memorial Hospital signed a letter to the hospital system in April, saying they were uncomfortable over the issue. 

Instead of hearing their pleas, the head of HR lectured a manager over the need of female nurses to be more educated and inclusive. 

Darlington Memorial nurse Bethany Hutchison, called HR’s reaction to their concerns “absolutely insulting.”

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