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War Updates: Yemen and Iraqi Resistance Combine Operations Against Israel

-Two combined operations between Yemen and the Iraqi Resistance have targeted five ships in the port of Haifa and the Mediterranean sea. 

– In the video released by the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon, the group has revealed that their targets could be the Israeli regime’s Ben Gurion Airport, Ministry of Security headquarters in Tel Aviv, as well as other sensitive targets if a war is imposed on Lebanon. 

-Israeli media reveals an IOF soldier was severely injured in “Ayelet HaShahar” after a Lebanese Resistance drone hit a soldiers’ housing in the settlement.

-The “Israeli” occupation carried out 3 massacres against families in the Gaza Strip, resulting in 47 killed and 121 injured.

-Several victims are still under the rubble and in the streets, and ambulance and civil defense teams cannot reach them, due to the relentless bombing of ambulances and life saving equipment by the Israeli regime. 

-The death toll of the Israeli regime’s ongoing onslaught in Gaza has now risen to 37,598 killed and 86,032 injured since last October 7th, 2023.

-8 Palestinians were killed with several injuries from the Israeli regime’s targeted killing of citizens, near the gate of the UNRWA headquarters west of Gaza City. 

-One Israeli soldier has been declared dead and 6 others were wounded due to a military vehicle being hit in the Metulla settlement by a guided rocket launched by the Palestinian Resistance from southern Lebanon.

-Yemeni Armed Forces Announces two military operations, attacking “Transworld Navigator” for the 2nd time with an explosive-laden boat in the Red Sea.

The “STOLT SEQUOIA” ship was also attacked with several cruise missiles in the Indian Ocean. The companies that own them reportedly violated the entry ban.

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