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War Updates: Palestinian Resistance Fighters Storm Israeli Occupation Headquarters in Rafah

Palestin-ian Resist-ance fighters stormed a fortified Israeli occupation headquarters southeast of Tal Al-Sultan neighborhood in Raf-ah. The attack was carried out with anti-fortification shells, anti-personnel shells, sniping operations and medium machine guns which resulted in many casualties of Israeli soldiers.

An Israeli invasion in the occupied West Bank city of Je*nin has killed at least 5 Palestin-ians. 

A senior official in the Palestin-ian Resist-ance has stated that it is expecting a swift Israeli response to a ceasefire proposal at the earliest which includes new ideas for ending the Israeli regime’s war in Ga-za and the release of captives.

Senior Resist-ance official Osama Hamdan has reassured that the Resis-tance is “in a good condition that allows it to continue” to fight Israeli occupation forces.

The Israeli regime carries out another massacre in Nuseirat, kill*ing 13 and wounding dozens, by bo*mbing an UNRWA school/shelter packed with internally displaced Palestinians.

Five Palestin-ian journalists and dozens of people have been killed by the Israeli regime in the last 24 hours.

Yemen-is came out in huge numbers again last Friday in solidarity with Ga-za for the 39th week in a row.

A US-British airstrike has attacked Kamaran Island in Hodeidah province, western Yem-en.

Israel has reportedly assassinated a senior engineer in the Leban-ese Resist-ance’s air defense system.

The Israeli regime has burnt 1,250 hectares of Leban-ese soil with white phosphorus shells. 

The Arab League has reportedly agreed to strengthen the boycott on Israeli-affiliated companies, issuing a ban on corporations that do not abide to the rules of the Arab boycott of investment in illegal Israeli settlements.

Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan Al-Saud has praised the PA (Palest-inian Authority) for “providing security to Israel,” saying that the PA has fulfilled its primary responsibility of the Israeli regime under the Oslo Accords, which is to provide security to Israel.

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