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War Updates: Israeli Forces Compelled to Evacuate Due to Fire Caused by Revolutionary Youth on Site

  • At least 11 Palestinians were killed with over 40 injured by the Israeli firing in Al-Mawasi, west of Rafah, in southern Gaza.
  • IOF soldiers were compelled to evacuate the IOF camp north of Al-Khalil due to an outbreak of a fire caused by revolutionary youth at the site. The fire has reportedly spread to the Etzion settlement.
  • The Israeli regime targets a humanitarian civil defense team. 
  • The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in a statement condemned the Israeli regime’s recent focus on areas crammed with displaced people in Al-Mawasi, west of Rafah, which the regime claimed to be safe. 
  • US-UK warplanes target Hodeidah International Airport in western Yemen with 4 airstrikes.
  • Israeli military bars a “resident” entry to “Metulla” in northeastern occupied Palestine till further notice, as a result of retaliatory attacks by the Lebanese Resistance on the settlement. The head of the settlement, David Azoulay, stated: “The president has disappeared. Three houses were damaged and an entire street of yards was burned…Forty percent of residents’ houses have been damaged, almost 200 houses were burned in the last eight months.” Only 34 settlers remain in Metulla.
  • Israeli media reports that injured Israeli soldiers were evacuated from Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, in addition to helicopter evacuations, while tens of thousands of Palestinians await to receive life saving treatment.
  • 3 Israeli soldiers injured, one in serious condition, after a Lebanese Resistance attack on a military target in the Galilee.

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