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War Updates: Israel is Currently Holding 250 Children in its Prisons

–Man-Made Famine, caused by the Israeli Regime’s brutal war and crippling blockade on aid in Gaza, is on the rise as the government issues dire warnings of an increase in deaths due to hunger.

-The Israeli regime has violated international law by occupying, burning and bulldozing the Rafah Border Crossing.

-25,000 patients are denied access to travel abroad for treatment due to the Israeli regime’s burning of the Rafah crossing. 

– 15,000 aid trucks for Gaza are still stuck because of the closure of Rafah and “Kerem Shalom” crossings, which prove that Biden’s floating dock has done little to nothing to prevent the exacerbation of famine, particularly the North, and instead is utilized in preparation for security and military operations.

-The Palestinian Prisoner Club has revealed that the Israeli regime continues to “escalate the arrest operations of children as part of the escalating arrest campaigns since the start of the genocide war. Since yesterday, the occupation has arrested at least seven children from the West Bank, including two brothers.”

The occupation military court has furthered the detention of three children from Beit Ummar, #AlKhalil: Wadie Sami Awad (14 years old), Reda Sami Awad (13 years old), both brothers, and Oday Raed Awad (14 years old) until Tuesday June 25, to complete the investigation. The occupation forces arrested them early yesterday shortly after raiding their homes and executing vandalism and destruction inside the homes.

-The Prisoner’s Club reveals that a child Oday suffers from asthma and thyroid problems, due to beatings by Israeli soldiers.

-”Israel” arrests an injured 12 year old child who cannot walk and requires close medical follow up in the town of Beit Ummar, where large arrest operations were held targeting children. The child’s name is Munther Al-Za’aqiq Ummar. 

-The Israeli regime currently holds around 250 children in its prisons, including females and the sick, exposed to very dangerous and tragic detention conditions. Since the beginning of the war on Gaza, at least 650 cases of child arrests have been recorded.

-Netanyahu’s statements confirmed that he does not want a ceasefire nor the return of his own Israeli captives, claiming that he wants to recover the captives and continue the war.

– Senior officials of the Lebanese Resistance welcomed procedures at Beirut’s international airport for a tour of journalists and diplomats – proving no weapons are stored at the civilian infrastructure. This move came a day after a British daily accused the Lebanese Resistance of storing weapons at the facility.

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