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War Report: Netanyahu Avoids Europe Enroute to US in Fear of ICC Arrest Warrant

    • Todays war updates:

      • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu evades Europe enroute to the US in fear of an ICC arrest warrant. 


      • Israeli army withdraws from Shujaiya in Ga-za City, leaving behind destroyed military vehicles, while completely destroying the Shu-jaiya neighborhood. 


      • Massive raids were conducted by the Palest-inian Resist-ance on fortified Israeli operations command headquarters in the city of Ra-fah. 


      • Israeli aircraft and artillery heavily bomb the Tal al-Hawa and al-Rimal neighborhoods in Northern Ga-za.


      • The Israeli regime attacked Syrian army sites in the occupied Gol-an Heights, one day after two Israeli settlers were killed by the Leban-ese Resist-ance in the area.


      • Israel drops leaflets in Ga-za City ordering everyone to evacuate and head south towards shelters in Deir al-Balah, declaring Ga-za City to be a dangerous combat zone, impacting the lives of hundreds of internally displaced Pale-stinians. 


      • Israel scrambles to react after the Leban-ese Resist-ance released the second episode of the ‘Hoopoe’ drone surveillance series, claiming the episode proves the resistance in Leba-non “is directing psychological warfare alongside the military engagement launched on the northern front.’’ Israeli media said the resistance captured some of the most “sensitive sites in Israel.”



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