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War Report: Israeli Port of Eilat Declares Bankruptcy Due to Yemen’s Ongoing Maritime Blockade in Support of Gaza

These are the war updates for today:

  • Palesti*ian re*istance fighters continue to engage Israeli occupation forces across Gaza, particularly in G*za City’s Shujaiya neighborhood.

  • The IOF has revealed that 4,021 Israeli military personnel have been injured since Oct. 7, 2023.

  • According to Shin Bet, 21,000 Pal*stinian prisoners are held in Israeli jails, despite their prison capacity of 14,500.

  • Surveillance footage captures the moment two Israeli occupation soldiers were attacked through a stabbing operation by a Palest*nian named Jawad Rabih at a mall in Karmiel, Central Galilee – ‘1948’ territories. One of the soldiers was killed while the other was wounded, with Rabih shot and killed after the attack. Israeli police stormed Rabih’s home afterwards and arrested all his family members.
  • The Israeli port of Eilat declared bankruptcy after limited shipping activity due to Ye*en’s ongoing pro-Pale*tine maritime war, calling on the government for financial assistance.

  • Israel forcibly evacuated 250,000 internally displaced Palestinains from refugee tents in Khan Yunis and parts of Rafah despite being labeled ‘safe zones’.

  • The Israeli military targeted a 5-story-building of the Al-Attar family, ki*ling several people.

  • Israel assassinated a Lebanese Re*istance commander in the city of Tyre, South Lebanon. The Lebanese Resist*nce launched 100 rockets at Israeli military bases in retaliation and in support of G*za.

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