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War Report: Israeli Occupation Forces Have Carried Out 9,450 Abductions in the West Bank Since Oct. 7 2023

  • Israeli Media has reported that it is expected in the coming days that the Netanyahu government will announce the conclusion of the operation in #Rafah and the end of the war in its current form.”
  • Scores of Palestinians participated in the funeral procession of the martyred commander Saeed Jaber, in Nour Shams Camp, West Bank.
  • The IOF has carried out 9,450 abductions in the West Bank and Al-Quds since Oct. 7 2023.
  • Israeli Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben-Gvir, has called for the execution of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, saying they should kill Palestinian prisoners with a “shot to the head.”
  • Over the last few days, 20 Palestinians have been abducted, including siblings and liberated prisoners. 
  • The number of injured IOF soldiers due to the Lebanese Resistance drone attack on the “Rawia” Barracks in the occupied Syrian Golan has soared to 21, with 3 in serious condition, according to Israeli media.
  • Palestinian resistance groups continue to engage in fierce clashes with the IOF across Gaza. 22 Palestinians were killed due to the relentless bombing by the Israeli regime, in several areas in Gaza.
  • The Arab League removes Hezbollah from the “terrorist designation” list.
  • Around 25,000 Orthodox Israeli Jews are unanimously protesting in Jerusalem against forced conscription, as they do not wish to join the Israeli army, which is trying to recruit them by force.
  • U.S., Canada, Germany, and Saudi Arabia advise their citizens to leave Lebanon amidst continued Israeli threats to launch a war on the country.

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